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The first production line of the Sino-Russian energy cooperation AGPP project is put into operation!



At 8:8 pm on June 9th, local time, the first production line of the Amur Natural Gas Processing Plant (AGPP Project) project, which was built by the China Petroleum Engineering and Construction Company, was held at the site of the Russian Free City project, marking Chinas Russia's energy cooperation has again yielded fruitful results. This important link connecting the traditional friendship and friendly cooperation between China and Russia is the key project of the Belt and Roadinitiative of the Chinese and Russian people, and is also assisted by Longtaidi's high-quality products.

Longtaidi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd., as the main supplier of large-diameter pipe fittings for the PetroChina AGPP project, has helped the construction of the largest natural gas project in Sino-Russian cooperation with its efficient supply capacity, excellent product quality and perfect service. Won the praise of customers and become a loyal practitioner who closely follows and serves the needs of the country's One Belt One Road strategic development.



"The commissioning of the first production line proves that we are capable of achieving the set goals... Our foreign partners have made a significant contribution." Russian President Putin delivered a speech in Moscow via a remote connection.


Amur Natural Gas Processing Plant (AGPP project)


The Amur Natural Gas Processing Plant (AGPP Project) is a supporting project of Russias "Power of Siberia" pipeline project and the source project of the second large-scale energy corridor between China and Russia-the eastern route of the Sino-Russian natural gas pipeline, which guarantees the Sino-Russian gas supply agreement. (Eastern Route) one of the major key projects.

The project is located in Liberty City, Amur Region, on the border of the southern part of the Russian Far East and China. The investment amounts to tens of billions of dollars. The designed capacity is to process 42 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, and produce 6 million cubic meters of helium per year. It can deliver 380 natural gas to China every year. One hundred million cubic meters. The project is expected to achieve its maximum production capacity in 2025. When fully completed, it will become one of the world's largest natural gas processing plants. The first production line put into operation this time has an annual output of 7 billion cubic meters of commercial gas.

The smooth implementation of the project will not only further promote the energy complementarity between China and Russia, but will also be of great significance for promoting local economic development in Russia and ensuring Chinas clean energy supply. It will also serve as a model for promoting the Belt and Roadconstruction and the construction of the Eurasian Economic Union. effect.





During the bidding process in 2018, China Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. (CPECC), which undertook this project, had good cooperation with Longtaidi on many major projects. CPECC highly praised the companys production capacity, supply service performance, and the excellent quality and good performance of large-diameter pipe fittings. In the end, the company successfully won the order of more than 35,000 pipe fittings from the AGPP project, including low-temperature steel (-52 degrees Celsius). ) There are more than 3,000 large-diameter pipe fittings and more than 30,000 small-diameter pipe fittings. It is fortunate to be the main supplier of pipe fittings for the construction of the project. It is due to the good foundation laid by the previous support for the construction of national energy projects. It is the brand effect accumulated by Longtaidi for a long time and is another practice of the company's deep cultivation of the high-end market.

Behind the outstanding performance is the embodiment of high standards and hard core strength. This significant project order has tested the R&D and production capabilities of Longtaidi's high-standard cryogenic pipe fittings technology. Due to the harsh climatic conditions in the Arctic, the -52 degrees Celsius low-temperature pipe fittings required by this project are products of special materials with strict process requirements and welding requirements. Not only must they have good surface quality and product quality, but also must have high strength, Excellent low-temperature impact toughness and welding performance are by far the lowest such applications in the oil and gas pipeline industry.





Facing the strict technical requirements of the project and the tight supply period, in order to successfully complete the production tasks, the company gave full play to the advantages of quality, supply and service, formed the strongest project team, and conscientiously implemented the relevant requirements of the PetroChina Project Department for the AGPP project. Continuously optimize the R&D and manufacturing process operation plan, and carefully formulate a detailed and detailed production plan. From raw material procurement, process technology, production organization, packaging and transportation, after-sales service and other aspects of scientific arrangements, in strict accordance with the project schedule requirements, to ensure the time requirements of each key node of the production process, refine the quality control points in the production process, Project performance and surface quality are controlled in time to ensure the reliable quality of each process parameter and each batch of products, and strive to successfully complete the supply task.

Through close cooperation and joint efforts of the company's technical and quality department, production department and other relevant departments, the high-standard and high-quality delivery of the project's products was successfully completed.



Longtaidi's professional and accurate technical services and efficient delivery speed have won praise from customers, and have provided strong technical support and material guarantee for the steady progress of AGPP project construction.

The high-steel-grade large-diameter pipe fittings produced and supplied by the company in this project have excellent low-temperature toughness, excellent and stable dimensional appearance, surface quality and various performances. In recent years, they have almost never been absent in the construction of major domestic oil and gas pipeline projects. It is well received by users, has a high reputation in the same industry, and is exported to foreign countries.




In recent years, Longtaidi attaches great importance to the construction of independent innovation research and development capabilities, focuses on technological transformation capabilities, is guided by market demand, vigorously implements technological innovation, strengthens core technology upgrades, accelerates new product research and development, optimizes technical processes, exerts technical service advantages, and continues to improve Comprehensive product strength. A number of technologies are in a leading position, and a variety of products have become the darlings of market share and high technology content. Participated in the drafting and formulation of a number of national and industry technical standards, and has become a number of national key oil and gas pipeline projects and local oil and gas pipeline networks Excellent supplier of construction.

As an enterprise with a strong level of competition and long-term development goals in the industry, Longtaidi will continue to challenge itself, adhere to technological innovation as its core development goal, give full play to the advantages of production, education and research, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and achieve high-quality development of the enterprise. High-quality products help the construction of key projects in the country and the world, and create a more brilliant and broader future.