Vice secretary of cangzhou municipal party committee and mayor mei shitong visited LonTiDe and highly praised the new route of industrial upgrading and innovative development of LonTiDe


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When spring returns, everything comes back to life. On March 30, 2019 at 10 PM, with the spring breeze, cangzhou vice secretary of municipal party committee, municipal government the mayor comrade MeiShiTong in cangzhou city economic and technological development zone management committee director Guo Wanyi, executive deputy director Han Guangpu related leadership, came to cangzhou investigates to inspect your di pipe technology co., LTD. Accompanied by inspection company senior management personnel and warm reception.

Mei mayor line seriously listened to the executive general manager zhang about the company in the market development, science and technology innovation, transformation and upgrading of products, and Leo report and introduction of science and technology platform construction, etc, may the mayor of cangzhou your di pipe technology co., LTD. Product transformation and upgrading, the practice of science and technology leading the market gave full affirmation and highly appreciated.

Since it was not his first time in the company, mayor mei was no stranger to the company's production and operation. Therefore, after coming to the company, mayor mei went directly into the company's new composite pipe surfacing workshop. In the workshop, mayor mei looked at rows and rows of neat and orderly equipment and new composite pipes, listening to the company staff on the introduction of new technology, new equipment, new technology, mayor mei showed a strong interest in it!

During this period, mayor may also had a cordial talk with Mr. Mario, a technical support company from Croatia. When hearing that the company has a unique world-class technology in composite pipe production and has been ranked among the top three in the world, mayor mei introduced himself in English and said to Mario, the technical support of the company: "wang chunjian invited you to China, I hope you can lead wang chunjian and LonTiDe company to the world!"

After inspection and listening to the report, mayor mei gave full recognition to the company's achievements in product transformation and upgrading, product research and development and application, technology leading market, leao platform construction and other aspects, and spoke highly of the company's construction and development in recent years!

In the end, mayor mei hopes that longtaiti will make a written report to the municipal government on how to transform and upgrade its products and how technology leads the market, so that it can be promoted in the whole development zone and the whole city. Further bigger and stronger, strive to develop into a more influential local industry leader and enterprise model; We should seize opportunities, accelerate the pace of construction and production in terms of scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, and scientific and technological transformation, and make new and greater contributions to local economic development.

Mayor mei was accompanied by wang tong, secretary-general of cangzhou municipal people's government, and zhang guoqing, director of key office of the municipal development and reform commission.