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The 16th international oil and gas exhibition of Russia (MIOGE 2019) is held at Moscow crooks international convention and exhibition center from April 23 to 26, 2019 local time.

Cangzhou longtaidi pipeline technology co., ltd. participated in this grand meeting as an exhibitor, as an outstanding representative of the domestic pipeline equipment industry, attracted the attention of the participants.

MIOGE sponsored by British ITE exhibition group is the largest in eastern Europe and the whole Russian market area of petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas is one of the exhibition, the exhibition attracted from Russia, Ukraine, azerbaijan, kazakhstan, Germany, Britain and so on more than 30 countries and regions, nearly 600 exhibitors to participate in, more than 300 speakers and from 55 countries and regions, nearly 20000 professionals to participate in the industry attended the event, of which more than 85% have decision-making authority.

The exhibition also hosted the Russian oil and gas conference RPGC and the on-site technology BBS, which lasted for two days. The deputy minister of energy of the Russian federation also delivered a keynote speech at the RPGC conference: dialogue on Russian oil and gas industry -- new challenges, new strategies. Natural gas plays a key role in improving the environment during the transition to a low-carbon economy.

In order to participate in this exhibition, the company's exhibition team began to make intensive plans and implement each aspect one by one. Video, the promotion used in the exhibition, has been comprehensively updated. The promotional video shows the company's scale, products and project cases in an all-round way.

Our company's independent research and development of bimetal composite pipe, compound bend and other products as exhibits in the oil exhibition, not only attracted the experts and customers at home and abroad to visit, understand the situation, exchange business CARDS, at the same time demonstrated the strong product development and manufacturing capacity of longtaidi. Due to transportation reasons, we failed to display more products in the exhibition. However, the company fully demonstrated the overall scale, technical research and development strength, product quality and after-sales service of Longtaidi through brand new corporate promotional videos and beautifully designed posters, and won the strong interest and cooperation intention of many visiting customers.

At the exhibition, our company staff introduced the research and development results and product selling points in a professional and interactive way, so as to impress customers with their strength. They showed great interest in our company's products. The exhibition team of the company has an orderly division of duties, and impressed the visitors with detailed and professional technical explanation and warm and thoughtful service attitude, showing the strength and brand image of Longtaidi.

Several old Russian customers learned that Longtaidi participated in this exhibition and came here specially to visit and negotiate. Here we thank them for their special visit and their support and love to Longtaidi company all the time.

In recent years, Russia, as a world energy power with proven oil and gas reserves at the forefront of the world, has begun to implement the policy of "strategic eastward shift" of energy export and exported more oil, gas and other energy to Asian countries. Its overseas market is expanding continuously. At the same time, with the changing international situation, Russia and the far east market have become one of the focus of global attention, and the us's repeated sanctions on Russia have also given China's energy industry and equipment manufacturing industry a sniff of business opportunities.

Chinese exhibitors have always been one of MIOGE's most influential attractions. There are 77 exhibitors from hebei, sichuan, xinjiang, liaoning, jiangsu and other provinces, covering an area of nearly 2,000 square meters. Among them are China honghua group co., LTD., shandong kerui petroleum equipment co., LTD., panjin liaohe oilfield tianyi petroleum equipment co., LTD., China aerospace science and technology group co., LTD., and many other large well-known domestic enterprises.

Russian region is an important area of your di company internationalization strategy, with the oil cooperation between China and Russia as a key project of the area along the way "the east gas pipeline project, and successfully won the bid by cnooc Russian amur project fitting order participation of a number of cross-border key projects such as, for my company to develop the international market have laid a solid foundation. In recent years, with continuous innovation and breakthroughs, Longtaidi has gradually become a pipeline equipment supplier favored by oil and gas enterprises such as petrochina, sinopec and cnooc among domestic private enterprises.

This exhibition not only promotes longtaidi's products, but also improves longtaidi's brand image and influence. We hope to take this exhibition as an opportunity to enable more Russian customers and businessmen attending the conference to know Longtaidi, know Longtaidi, know our quality products and comprehensive services. At the same time, we also learned about customers' demand for products through this exhibition, and further understood the local market environment in Russia, which strengthened our confidence in expanding the Russian market. Moreover, we provided a lot of information and help for the market development strategy of countries in the far east.

As the country "in" advance and implementation of the strategy, the future your company will follow the national strategic adjustment pace, exert its advantages of technological innovation, through building "high-end, high technology, difficult" pipeline equipment products, strengthen your di company position in the field of pipeline and equipment, to become the world first-class high-end plumbing equipment manufacturing enterprises.