Help Sinopec get through the East China natural gas artery - Qingdao Nanjing line gas pipeline


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Construction of Sinopec (Qingdao-Nanjing) gas pipeline project has started recently.The project is a key project of natural gas infrastructure interconnection established by the state in 2019. Longtaidi has successfully obtained the elbow order of this large project, supplying more than 400 DN1000 hot-ironed elbows for the project, which is currently in continuous production and continuous supply.

Qingdao-Nanjing Gas Pipeline Project is a trunk gas pipeline project listed in the 13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development and the 13th Five-Year Plan for Natural Gas Development. It is also a pivotal project connecting the two major natural gas pipeline networks of Sinopec, North China and East Sichuan, to the north and south. After the completion of the project, the interconnection between Sinopec North China Pipeline Network and Sichuan Gas East Pipeline Network will be realized, which will greatly improve the flexible allocation of natural gas resources and the ability of market guarantee in the central and eastern regions of China.

Qingdao-Nanjing Pipeline Project, with a total investment of 6.77 billion yuan, was formally approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in September 2018 (Development and Reform Energy [2018] 1157). The project is expected to run through the whole line by the end of October 2020 to meet the production and gas supply conditions. The pipeline is 531 km in length, 10 MPa in design pressure, 1016 mm in diameter and 7.2 billion cubic meters in annual gas transmission capacity. The pipeline starts from Qingdao LNG receiving station of Sinopec in the north and ends at Nanjing gas transmission station of Sichuan gas transmission pipeline in the south, through 15 counties and districts in seven cities of Shandong and Jiangsu provinces.

After the completion of the project, the interconnection and interoperability of main storage and transportation facilities such as Sichuan-East Gas Transmission Pipeline, Tianjin LNG Receiving Station and Outward Pipeline, Shandong Pipeline Network, Jiangsu Pipeline Network, Shandong LNG Receiving Station, Jintan, Wen96, Wen23 Gas Storage Depot and so on can be realized, which can effectively carry out flexible resource dispatch and emergency mutual protection in key areas such as North China and East China, and make full use of the resource advantages of Shandong LNG Receiving Station and the gas storage and transportation facilities The difference of peak shaving in winter and summer between the North and the South will further open up markets in southern Shandong, northern Jiangsu and southern Jiangsu, improve the operating efficiency of natural gas in many ways, and ensure the level of energy security in the economically developed coastal areas of Eastern China.

Qingning Gas Pipeline Project is a large-scale energy construction project under the supervision of the State Development and Reform Commission and the State Energy Administration. According to the national requirements, the project must be completed in July 2020, and the gas supply conditions will be met in October. Therefore, due to the tight time limit, heavy tasks and high requirements, all participating units need to work together to accelerate the progress of work, ensure consistency between the top and bottom, and form a work force.

As a Longtaidi company, which has undertaken many large domestic and foreign orders, we successfully obtained the bending order of Sinopec Qingning Pipeline, a large project, to supply more than 400 DN1000 hot-ironed bends for the project. At present, our products are in overtime production and supply in succession.