provides high-quality guarantee for cnooc bozhong 19-600 billion square meter gas field project, boosting the green and coordinated development of Beijing, tianjin and hebei


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Recently, the composite pipe production work of bozhong 19-6 condensate gas field project undertaken by cangzhou Longtaidi pipeline technology co., LTD was successfully completed and successfully delivered to the customer.

As the only supplier of composite pipes of this specification in this project, Longtaidi has been recognized by customers for its product quality and technical services, ensuring the smooth use of pipes in the field construction. The products produced and supplied by the company are once again stamped with Longtaidi's brand in the construction of national major projects.

We will accelerate the development of clean energy and promote green development

The 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) proposed to promote green development and establish a sound economic system of green, low-carbon and circular development. The problem of air pollution, in particular, has become a major weakness in the development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei city cluster.

Natural gas is a high-quality clean resource. China's natural gas production base is mainly in the west. In 2010, the output of natural gas in the west reached 76.385 billion cubic meters, accounting for 80.86% of the total natural gas production in China.

With the development of economy, the environmental problems in the east, especially in north China, are becoming increasingly prominent. The shortage of natural gas supply in winter in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region has become a bottleneck restricting the economic development in the region, and the demand for natural gas is extremely urgent.

One hundred billion cubic meters of gas fields will ensure the coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region

Located in northeast Asia, the beijing-tianjin-hebei region is the third largest economic growth pole after the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta. Promoting the coordinated development of Beijing, tianjin and hebei is a major strategic decision made by the CPC central committee and the state council.

In the middle of 2018, after the general secretary emphasized to strengthen the exploration and development of domestic oil fields, cnooc, as the central enterprise with the mission of energy supply, has been committed to optimize the energy structure of Beijing, tianjin and hebei, and designated "bohai oilfield stable production of 30 million tons" as one of the key points of cnooc's internal technical research.

On February 25, 2019, cnooc announced that it was located in bozhong 19-6 gas field in bohai sea, China, and tested to obtain high-quality and high-yield oil flows, and determined that the proved geological reserves of natural gas exceeded 100 billion cubic meters. The exploration and discovery of bozhong 19-6 condensate gas field is an important breakthrough in cnooc's implementation of the general secretary's instructions and efforts to enhance exploration and development, and will also contribute more clean energy to the "green water and green mountains" in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region.

As the largest condensate gas field in the east of China, the 100 billion square meters gas field at the gate of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region can be used by millions of urban residents for hundreds of years. Does that number give you the sense of pride that you have a mine at home and don't panic?

The sparkling bozhong 19-6 natural gas field is adjacent to north China and xiongan new area, and only over 100 kilometers away from the beijing-tianjin-hebei region. Resources can be directly accessed to the market through existing natural gas pipelines, achieving barrier-free transmission, laying a solid foundation for the supply of high-quality clean energy in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region.

Longtaidi high quality guarantee for bozhong 19-6 project

Bozhong 19-6 condensate gas field project, as the first large-scale gas field project with a scale of 100 billion square square to implement the national energy security and implement the 19th national green and low-carbon strategy, has been attached great importance by cnooc to its firm confidence, initiative and success in ensuring the national energy strategy.

Compound pipe product quality in the project engineering with extremely high, has a long-term cooperation with China's cnooc experience your di company attaches great importance to this order, to overcome the time and heavy task, product quality requirements higher a series of difficulties and challenges, together with project owner, eyeing the goal, work hard, made outstanding contributions to the project.

Since assuming the supply of composite pipes for this project, in order to ensure high quality and timely delivery, the project team of the company has held several meetings for special discussion and related preparation, implemented the whole process planning for the production process, and overall arrangement for the production workshop work, insisting on strict quality control and supervision throughout the process. During the production, all the staff and related departments in the workshop work together to complete the production tasks.

This order includes 538 pieces of mechanical composite pipes, 30 pieces of metallurgical composite pipes and 11 pieces of metallurgical bending pipes, all of which have been successfully delivered. According to the test, all technical indicators of products delivered by Longtaidi to cnooc meet the user's requirements, which has a profound impact on the smooth progress of engineering construction and the overall construction period.

Longtaidi company is in the leading position in the research and development, process optimization, quality control and product manufacturing of composite pipes in China, and always maintains the leading edge in the industry in technology and quality. At present, the bozhong 19-6 development project has been "officially certified" and is listed as one of the natural gas guarantee projects by the national development and reform commission, which will make outstanding contributions to the construction of economic and ecological civilization in north China and alleviate the gas shortage caused by the imbalance of supply and demand of natural gas in east China.

Energy is the basic element of national economy and social development, and the coordinated development of economy, energy and environment is an important premise to realize the coordinated development of Beijing, tianjin and hebei. As a member of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, as a domestic high-end plumbing equipment manufacturer, your dick for many years has been actively involved in the beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative development strategy, in the construction of the future will continue to take science and technology innovation as the core competitiveness, seize the opportunity, accelerating field pipeline product research and development and production of oil and gas, power development of China's oil and gas pipeline equipment industry.