Let the city breathe freely: Longtaidi Pipeline Company helps Shandong's first large-scale natural gas cogeneration project to promote the prevention and control of air pollution


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Rongcheng Natural Gas Cogeneration Project plays an important role in the project of Shandong Natural Gas Cogeneration Project, and has been endowed with great significance.

It is not only the only natural gas cogeneration project in Shandong Province that has started construction so far, but also marks the end of the history of Shandong non-natural gas power plant. This indicates that Rongcheng of Shandong Province has opened a new era of diversification and cleanliness of power structure, and will promote Rongcheng heating and gas service from traditional coal-fired boilers. Moving towards clean energy is conducive to building a safe, green, efficient, low-carbon and multi-energy complementary energy supply system, improving the city's energy security level and energy efficiency, and can better meet the needs of urban construction, so as to promote sustainable and healthy economic and social development.

Cangzhou Longtaidi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. as the supplier of the project pipe fittings products, product quality and technical services are highly recognized by customers, which ensures the smooth progress of site construction, and once again engraves the brand of Longtaidi in the clean energy construction project.

Clouds and mists are like rain and smoke, and mist and rain are hazy and glorious. Do you remember this familiar melody? Rongcheng, with its superior geographical position, is one of the important industrial hubs between the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta economic circle and Japan-Korea economic belt.

Today's Rongcheng is really green water, green mountains, sunrise at sea, beautiful scenery. Rongcheng Swan Lake is the world's famous winter habitat for swans, and also the largest winter habitat for swans in Asia. Only the beautiful swans form a romantic picture scroll. It can be said that it is not a good time, and there is no place that is not. The beautiful scenery all originates from the fact that Rongcheng Bay has the basic conditions necessary for the life of the swan: sufficient food, clean water, suitable climate and beautiful environment.

On July 30, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment held a symposium on early warning of environmental air quality in the first half of 2019 to warn the cities whose environmental air quality deteriorated year-on-year in the first half of the year and whose annual target was seriously lagging behind. Recently, many cities have introduced measures to intensify the battle against air pollution in August.

In recent years, with the state's attention to the ecological environment and the introduction of various environmental protection policies, a large number of high-efficiency, low-pollution natural gas cogeneration projects have been built and put into operation throughout the country, in response to the national environmental protection concept of "green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan". Located in the high-end industrial park of Rongcheng Economic Development Zone, Rongcheng Natural Gas Cogeneration Project is one of the important measures taken by Rongcheng Municipal Committee and Municipal Government to adapt to the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, enhance winter heating and promote urban air pollution control, and realize green development. It is also a government-led investment in the field of enterprise operation infrastructure. A model of capital. It is understood that after the implementation of this project, 798 tons of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide will be reduced annually, and 23,000 tons of standard coal will be saved annually. This project will play a positive role in improving urban functions, improving environmental quality, speeding up the construction of ecological civilization, and filling up the shortcomings of infrastructure construction. At present, the project is accelerating.

Rongcheng Natural Gas Cogeneration Project is the first E-class Natural Gas Cogeneration Project in Shandong Province, with a total investment of 2.85 billion yuan and an area of 220 mu. After the project is completed and put into operation in 2022, it can generate 10.2 billion degrees of electricity and supply 14.4 million tons of gas annually. It can provide sufficient air source for Rongcheng major projects and enterprises and increase the demand of winter heating load in Rongcheng urban area. Since its implementation, the project has received high attention and strong support from leaders at all levels, relevant departments and all sectors of society. It has been listed as a key project at the municipal level in 2018 by Weihai and Rongcheng municipal committees and municipal governments.

According to the plan, Rongcheng Natural Gas Cogeneration Project plans to build five E-class gas-steam combined cycle units and six 50-ton/hour gas-fired boilers, with a total gas supply capacity of 1800 T/h, a total power generation of 1 million kw/h, and a first-stage investment of 1.5 billion yuan to build two units. By using advanced low nitrogen combustion technology, the energy utilization efficiency can exceed 70%, and the comprehensive energy consumption per unit GDP can be effectively reduced. Near zero emission of dust and sulfur dioxide can be realized. Simultaneously reducing the consumption of 1.56 million tons of standard coal will promote Rongcheng's heating and gas supply services to move from traditional coal-fired boilers to clean energy, build a safe, green, efficient, low-carbon, multi-energy complementary energy supply system, improve the city's energy security level and energy efficiency, and better meet the needs of urban construction. Promote sustained and healthy economic and social development.

The main contents of the project are as follows: Five E-class gas-steam combined cycle cogeneration units (including five E-class gas turbine generators, one condensing back turbogenerator and four back-pressure turbogenerator units, five waste heat boilers) and five 50-ton/hour gas boilers are installed in the project, and the designed fuel is natural gas. Construction of thermal systems, fuel supply systems, water treatment systems, water supply systems, electrical systems, thermal control systems, gas boiler systems, ancillary production projects, ancillary living projects and related plant roads, greening, pipe networks and other ancillary projects.

As a well-known brand enterprise in pipeline fittings industry, Cangzhou Longtaidi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. has guaranteed many important projects in China and even in the world. This time, it has become a pipe fittings supplier designated by Rongcheng Natural Gas Cogeneration Project. It has produced a batch of high-quality 12Cr1MoVG alloy fittings for the project, which is helpful blue. Tianbaiyun and stars twinkle to become the standard matching of Rongcheng city temperament.