[Pursue quality and act at the same time, strive for perfection] Longtaidi practices the concept of quality and promotes high-quality development


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Quality, the spirit of development and the core of competition, is considered as the soul of a company. It keeps the company competitive in the market and sustain the long-term development.

As a high-tech company which develops, manufactures, and sells clad-pipes & fittings, Piping material, Fabrication fittings etc. Longtaidi emphasizes and feeds in the idea of quality to the entire production line and every company staff. Longtaidi creates an integrated service system, covering purchasing raw materials, new products development, building prototypes, manufacturing goods, installation, and post-sales services.

Taking the  the month of quality as an opportunity, Longtaidi is going to learn from the experience, mark itself to the highest standard, take the responsibility and build up a firm foundation for reaching the high quality. Besides, the company will push its building quality to a higher level by promoting the idea of quality among the staffs, completing the document system regarding to quality, and intensifying the production process control. Finally, Longtaidi is planing to extend the customer's need, improve the customer's satisfaction, through its building quality and services.

Longtaidi firmly believes that the quality is the best advertisement of a company. While bringing the product into the market, it takes not only the ability to manufacture or to build a product under a lower cost to catch the buyers' attention. In order to earn customers' trust, it takes us to reach the high building quality, manufacture with mastered skills, and offer the precise services.

In terms of productivity, Longtaidi possesses 5 independent workshops, equipped with several automatic production lines, heavy-hydraulic machines, medium frequency induction machine 317pcs. testing machine 107pcs. The company manufactures compound metal pipes, piping and Fabrication fittings, and bends etc. and reaches the productivity of 8 tons annually.


By now, the company has developed 11series including more than 50 different types of piping and piping related products. The leading products mechanic compound metal pipes and metallurgical compound metal pipes have been frequently adopted and used as the assigned products in several national key projects, earning the satisfaction from our customers and having the good reputation in the market

In terms of building quality, Longtaidi is fully completed with professional qualifications and certifications. The company spent huge budgets and expanded the physical & chemical testing center, for improving the accuracy of the test. Taking its advantages of strict quality control system, the company has achieved the permits to manufacture the special equipment, pressure vessel and compound metal pipe API-5LD, and passed through the ISO9001 , ISO14001 , OHSAS18001, API-Q1 , ASME-U+PP, CCS, LR, BV,  ABS ,  PED (Europe),  GOST (Russia).

Taking the quality first, delivery first, reputation first, and service first as the standard, Longtaidi tightly sticks to the goal of improving the quality & innovating the brand and brings the awareness of quality into the entire operation and production of the company. Persisting in using good materials, tracing the quality, refining the skills, keeping self-improvement, and completing the over-all management, the company is going to better improve the building quality from all perspectives.


I.             From the inside of the company, taking the standardized system and practical production as the principle and basing on the quality-control team and technical-research team, the company will refine the administrative system from the perspective of ideology, system and craft.

II.          From the outside of the company, we will keep visiting the suppliers and clients. Through communication with raw-materials suppliers, the company is able to reduce the problems related with quality, and improve the quality of purchasing the raw-material. Beside, we will trace the users' experience, acquire the actual quality and performance of our products, and the problems from out clients.


Everyday, there are tons of our products shipped from the workshop of Longtaidi to the different projects across the entire country. What keeps us being such productive while having great quality?

The top building quality does not come from neither only one person, nor a single department. It depends on the entire production line, the every single steps of the building process and each Longtaidi staff.

The purchasing staffs keep the high quality of the raw-materials, manufacturing staffs precisely operate and prevent any kind of accidents. The equipment personals keep the all machines in full operation. The technical staffs develop and refine the crafts and helping the workers in the front line. The testing department shall enhance the surveillance, quality control, product testing and production management.

As clients has a higher requirement toward quality, the market competition becomes more and more intensified. In order to keep thriving, the company shall only stay with the idea of quality first. Every single staff shall be clear with his/her working standard and strictly follow it, manufacture with the spirit of craftsman. Thus, the Longtaidi quality shall grow great the thrive longer.


For the years of development, Longtaidi always closely follow the pace of new era, and the pulse of market. Completing the transition from made by Longtaidi to quality by Longtaidi, improving the reputation of the company, Longtaidi will deliver its own power to protect the national power and contribute to each projects.

Just as the old Chines proverb says Half of the people who have embarked on a one hundred mile journey fall by the way side, there is no end for improving the quality, and the battle of quality shall be a long-term work.

      In the future, Longtaidi is going to bring the ideology of quality first into the practice, enhance the innovation, and offer the better service. Using its strength Longtaidi is eager to build a top national-wide, and globally well-known brand in the field of piping manufacture.