Longtaidi's Great Powers Create Dreams and Go Forward | Celebrate the Birthday of the Flourishing Age, I and my motherland stride into a new era and enter a new constitution together


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2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. In the past 70 years, New China has gone through both storms and storms, making it the second largest economy in the world. New China is rich and prosperous.

People will never forget that day - October 1, 1949, when the national flag and the sun rose, the National Anthem composes a new destiny of China. In the past 70 years, we have created one amazing miracle after another from the waste to the attention of the world. The construction process in the past 70 years has been fruitful and the road of entrepreneurship in the new century is bright. This magnificent period of time will eventually turn into a magnificent poem, written by the Chinese children to express a brilliant new chapter!

Star-shifting, sun and moon, strong for seventy years, glory for seventy years! As Chinese children, the best gift of Longtaidi is to strive forward, innovative and enterprising, so that Chinese brands can become a shining business card of pipeline equipment manufacturing industry on the world stage as soon as possible, so that our motherland is proud of us. Longtaidi people will pay tribute to the glorious years and dedicate great strength to the great motherland with their struggling posture! 

Seventy years have passed, and the land of Shenzhou has written the heroic aspiration of every Chinese to create brilliant Lingyun! Twenty years of hard work, Lundeidi left a firm footstep of persistent pursuit with one piece of high-quality products. Over the past 20 years, Longtaidi Pipeline has been branded in many domestic pipeline network projects across the east, west, north and south, covering the whole country, connecting oil and gas and electric power, etc. with its ingenious and exquisite products, crossing the mountains and entering the sea; crossing the ocean internationally, it has helped Russia and Ira with the help of Made in China. Classical projects in many countries and regions such as Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and Sudan.

The progress of science and technology is changing with each passing day, and the pace of reform is advancing by leaps and bounds. We are facing an era of rapid development, and we are in an era of struggle. Longtaidi people are always working with the times, sincerely serving the society, serving the motherland, and contributing to the prosperity of the motherland! Nowadays, at a new historical starting point, Longtaidi are ambitious and pursuing excellence. With strong spirit of the times, lofty macro vision and wise management strategy, they regard building a world-class pipeline equipment manufacturing enterprise with core competitiveness as their goal of struggle and devote themselves to China's energy, chemical and other fields. Make a contribution.

"Dreaming with the Nation" is persistence, belief and lasting emotion. The Longtaidi have been striving to run. Standing at this exciting new starting point, looking forward to unlimited opportunities in the future. Long ti Di pipeline company will be self reliant and self reliant, remember the initial intention, bear in mind the vision of development, uphold the core concept of "sincerity, trust and excellence", firmly grasp the national strategic opportunity period of "China made 2025" and "one belt and one road". To innovate and form a new business model of core manufacturing + intelligent equipment + complete set of services in Longtaidi, to create a complex competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate, to promote the successful strategic transformation and upgrading of enterprises to international enterprises (groups), to actively assume social responsibility, and on the road of development to become bigger and stronger. Move forward.

On the National Day of the 11th National Day, the front-line workers of Longtaidi Pipeline, as always, persevered in their posts and made silent contributions. With their full enthusiasm and spirit of struggle, they cheered for the vigorous development of the company and dedicated themselves to the 70th anniversary of the motherland's birthday.

The magnificent 70 years, a new era of struggle, in building a world-class pipeline equipment manufacturing enterprises on the new Long March road, Longtaidi people steadfastly move forward, will eventually write a satisfactory answer to the new era.

All Longtaidi will be confident, work hand in hand, continue to pursue excellence, and wish the great New China Sports prosperity, prosperity and prosperity of Cathay Pacific people, lasting brilliance!