Phase I officially put into production! Longtaidi guarantees the 1.2 million T / a polypropylene project of juzhengyuan, Dongguan, to help the construction of Dawan District


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On the morning of October 26, the first phase of 1.2 million tons / year propane dehydrogenation to high performance polypropylene project (hereinafter referred to as "polypropylene project") of juzhengyuan company was completed and put into operation as scheduled. The first phase of polypropylene project, with an investment of 5.3 billion yuan and an annual output of 600000 tons, will be put into operation successfully, which will effectively fill the capacity gap in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area and help the construction of the bay area.

As the largest polypropylene consumption province in China, Guangdong Province consumed more than 4.9 million tons of polypropylene in 2018, with a polypropylene production capacity of 1.95 million tons and a supply-demand gap of nearly 3 million tons. After the first phase of juzhengyuan polypropylene project with an annual output of 600000 tons is officially put into operation, it can achieve an annual output of 600000 tons of polypropylene, 28000 tons of hydrogen and some liquefied petroleum gas. It will effectively fill the regional capacity gap, and effectively help the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, Shenzhen pilot demonstration area and the planning and construction of Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao science and technology innovation corridor.

As a well-known domestic pipeline equipment manufacturing enterprise, longtaidi pipeline has completed a number of material guarantee tasks for major projects at home and abroad with high quality, and has been highly recognized by partners and users. This cooperation with juzhengyuan Technology Co., Ltd. produces a variety of pipe fittings for the company's 1.2 million T / a propane dehydrogenation to high-performance polypropylene project. The product quality and technical services have been praised and recognized by customers, fully demonstrating the strong technical level, manufacturing strength and good service awareness of longtaidi pipeline, and providing high polymer raw materials and high-end manufacturing industry in the region With the help of clean energy supply, longtaidi brand has been engraved in the chemical industry and clean energy supply construction projects.

Polypropylene project is a key project of Guangdong Province, a major project of Dongguan City, and a demonstration project of reform, transformation and upgrading of state-owned enterprises of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guangdong Province. The successful operation of the project fills in the blank of propane dehydrogenation unit in South China, improves the production capacity of polypropylene in Guangdong Province, promotes the local economic development, and helps the development of Guangdong coastal economic belt.

In order to ensure that the products meet the needs of customers, longtaidi formulates strict process and production plans, reasonably coordinates, strengthens organization and coordination, strengthens quality management, pays close attention to process control, and ensures that the product quality and production progress go hand in hand. Longtaidi has completed the order production and supply task of the project with high quality and efficiency, laid a solid foundation for the safe and smooth production of this major project with excellent craftsmanship, handed over a satisfactory answer sheet to users and owners, and established a good reputation for the company to explore the chemical industry market.

Longtaidi pipeline has always been taking "quality first, delivery first, reputation first, service first" as the standard, closely focusing on the goal of "improving excellent quality, innovating quality brand", establishing an effective quality assurance system, adhering to the refined material policy, management innovation, quality tracking, implementing quality control, continuous improvement, service efficiency, making efforts in the whole process, all-round control, leading the production The quality index of the product is kept at a good level. In the future, longtaidi pipeline will continue to give full play to its technology, service and talent advantages, meet the changing and improving quality needs of users, promote mutual benefit and win-win situation with partners and customers, enhance its innovation ability and core competitiveness, deeply develop the domestic and foreign pipeline and pipe fitting products market, seize the opportunity, take advantage of the situation, and create brilliance again, so as to make contributions to the construction of various projects at home and abroad Contribution.