Win the bid again! Longtaidi is successfully shortlisted again as a Class A supplier of China National Petroleum Corporation!


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August, at the turn of summer and autumn, is a busy time and a good time to harvest. With the recent rising temperature, Longtaidi's enthusiasm for exploring the market has also risen, continuing to make great achievements.

Recently, through the strict screening and review of China National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CNPC) and fierce and fair competition with dozens of competitors in the same industry, Longtaidi successfully won the bid of China National Petroleum Corporation's "2020 Refining and Chemical Steel Pipe Centralized Procurement Bidding Project" and "2020 Bend Product Centralized Procurement Bidding Project" with good corporate reputation, strong strength, and excellent products Quality and perfect service system. At the same time, It was  shortlisted for Class A suppliers for CNPC again. In the next two years, Longtaidi will continue to be one of the main suppliers of CNPC, participating in the bidding, negotiation and signing of a series of products such as bent pipes and composite pipes in the CNPC material procurement market.

As a leading enterprise in the pipe industry, Longtaidi has been committed to the pipeline equipment new products, new materials, new technologies, industrial intelligence series integration, manufacturing and international trade. This time, it has won two CNPC projects and stood out with excellent results, which means CNPC’s high recognition and full affirmation of the Longtaidi's overall strength, it will help to expand the company's brand influence and market share, increase the company's operating performance, and lay a more solid foundation for Longtaidi's products to enter a broader market.

Attach great importance to orderly progress

CNPC is the largest producer and supplier of crude oil and natural gas in China. It is a large-scale multinational oil conglomerate with strong core competitiveness. It is ranked fourth in the 2020 Fortune Global 500 list. Longtaidi and CNPC have been maintaining the close and stable cooperation, we are mutually beneficial and win-win and have been maintaining the friendly and close communication and contact.


As an important state-owned backbone enterprise related to the national economy, people’s livelihood and national security, CNPC’s industry particularity and enterprise scale determine that it has extremely high requirements on its suppliers, Its procurement specifications are higher than those of the American Petroleum Institute (API), and some are even more than doubled.

Therefore, the company attaches great importance to the bidding of this project. After receiving the bidding information, the company leaders paid close attention on it,have held several meetings for arrangement and deployment. They organized the project meticulously, clarified responsibilities on everyone. The sales manager, Zhenyu Li led the team to take charge of the bidding work and established a bidding project team mainly composed of key business employees. With the full cooperation of various departments such as finance, technology, and quality, the bidding documents were carefully analyzed and studied. They review the standards strictly and prepare technical and commercial bidding documents according to the company's own advantages.

Careful analysis and careful organization

The bidding competition is extremely fierce. On the one hand, the competitors participating in this bidding are very competitive, they are basically domestic companies with strong strength in composite pipe and bent pipe products; on the other hand, due to the plunge in international oil prices, raw material prices rebounded,the market environment is not optimistic this year, so the price has become a key factor to win the bid.


Facing the current severe situation, the bidding team went all out to overcome the difficulties. After carefully studying the bidding documents, they collected the data through multiple channels, conducted In-depth analysis of peer competitors to make the market and price analysis, reviewed Bid documents again and again to determine the reasonable quotation range of the bid documents to ensure the company's products are successfully selected and maximize the protection of corporate interests. At the same time, they starting from the bidding document scoring standards, detailed analysis and research on the scoring plan, and accurately grasp the document requirements.

Quality escort strength witness

As the company's key projects, the bid opening time of the two projects is relatively short, and the bidding documents are extremely demanding. Because it is difficult, task-heavy and time-critical to bid for multiple package bids at the same time, everyone in the project department dare not relax their guard. They strictly follow the requirements of the bidding documents and cooperate with relevant departments to sort out all the materials required for bidding documents such as equipment qualification and performance.

They worked overtime throughout the night, worked continuously, did not give up every point of acquisition, continued to discuss improvements, and reviewed each level, trying their best to ensure that the bidding documents to meet the evaluation criteria of the bidding documents. The hard work paid off, the satisfactory answers were finally submitted on time with full, detailed and professional high-quality tenders, and they all achieved excellent results as shortlisted suppliers.


LongTaidi is shortlisted for the first-level procurement of materials including the 2020 refining and chemical steel pipe centralized procurement bidding project package -018, package 1-seamless steel pipe, package 2-longitudinal electric resistance welded steel pipe, and package 3-longitudinal submerged arc welded steel pipe and other products.


The excellent results achieved this time distributes to the active efforts and concerted efforts of the project team and related department employees. It fully embodies the enterprise spirit of Longtaidi "Unity, Dedication, Innovation and Excellence". Thanks to Longtaidi's family for their hard work in winning the bid. Thanks to CNPC for their choice, trust and support. Longtaidi will continue to create value for CNPC with high-quality products and services, hand in hand, and work together to guarantee the national energy artery and assist various project construction.

At present, the company is continuing to increase promotion efforts, actively collecting market information, continuously optimizing existing resources, taking multiple measures to seize opportunities to offset adverse effects on Covid-19 and   the continued decline in international oil prices, laying a solid foundation for sustained high-quality development.

Deeply cultivate strategic customers, work together to win the future

Over the years, the company has always adhered to the concept of "stable quality, reasonable price, and excellent service". We have dedicated personnel tracking and dedicated services throughout the entire process of order placement, contract scheduling, quality control, factory inspection, transportation and distribution, etc., firmly grasp every link of product supply, and provide reliable protection for products with professional and meticulous services to ensure the smooth progress of each contract, has won a good market reputation in the industry.


Ingenuity creates quality, strength wins reputation, professional achieves trust. As a leading company in the field of domestic pipeline equipment manufacturing, Longtaidi focuses on deepening the industry and has strong product development and manufacturing capabilities and rich industry experience. In recent years, it has been advancing with the times, increasing R&D investment and quality innovation, It supports the construction of various major projects at home and abroad with excellent and reliable product performance.

In the future, in the face of more opportunities and challenges, Longtaidi will work hard to overcome difficulties, continue to exert the spirit of craftsmanship of excellence, always uphold the tenet of customer first to build up the most trustworthy first-class pipeline equipment brand with advanced product technology and professional service capabilities .Creating value for users and writing a new chapter for a win-win future!