Our Answer Sheet: Long Taidi: Riding the Wind and Waves and Striving for Pioneers


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     We'll sail on the wind whatever will happened.

    At the beginning of 2020, the coro-navirus epidemic gave us an unexpected start, giving everyone a question on how to deal with the unexpected The "big exam questions" of various crises. Now, halfway through the "magic" year of 2020, we are in the midst of the annual college entrance exam season, and it is time to hand in our papers in the middle of the year.In the face of the double pressure of the national economy and the impact of epidemic, Long taidi fearlessly and against the wind to break the waves, continue to promote the quality of the leading strategy, optimize the marketing system and channel capacity, go all out to promote the leading products, by virtue of the strong company strength, market coverage, quality products and service capabilities, achieve production and sales, profit up against the trend, the main production and operation indexes set a new record, production and operation performance to maintain a good trend of steady to good.

    In the first half of the year, we produced 270,000 pieces of pipe bends, composite products, flanges, pipe fittings and other products, and achieved 100% of the production plan and output. The output value of both enhancements; invoiced sales revenue of more than 240 million yuan in the first six months, an increase of 35%, breaking the highest historical record of sales in the same period. Under the winter of epidemic, Long taidi has delivered a convincing "half time, half task" in the first half of the year. Under the winter of epidemic, Long taidi handed in a convincing "half time, half task" in the first half of the answer sheet.

    During the extraordinary period, the picture of "unique scenery on this side" of Long Taidi is painted by the unity of the professional staff of Long Taidi, the relentless struggle day and night, and the tenacity to keep walking without stopping the target, which fully reflects the subjective initiative of the cadres and workers of Long Taidi in the critical period and the struggle spirit to gnaw "hard bones".www.longtaidi.com

Test 1: Responsibility

Test the enterprise's responsibility and courage -- our company will march forward in the face of the epidemic, and fight against the trend. 

    The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, and the crisis will be clearly shouldered. Long Taidi actively responds to the deployment and requirements of epidemic prevention and control by governments at all levels. In the huge social examination of the epidemic situation, it shouldered the dual responsibility of preventing and controlling the epidemic situation and "stabilizing operations and increasing benefits." The two-line operation takes multiple measures to ensure the stable operation of the resumption of production in an orderly and precise manner. As one of the new forces to boost the high-quality development of local industrial economy, Long Taidi has demonstrated its strength, vitality and responsibility!

    During the Spring Festival holiday and epidemic situation, Long Teddy has never stopped the production and shipment of ordered products. The company has worked together and coordinated operations, successfully completed the Rizhao Port-Jingbo Oil Pipeline Project, Qingning Gas Pipeline Project, East Guangdong Natural Gas Main Pipeline Network and other domestic oil and gas projects, and the Russian Amur Natural Gas Treatment Plant (AGPP) project. The task of guaranteeing production and supply of national key engineering projects along the “One Road”. Rush against time to deliver, try every means to overcome all difficulties, try our best to fulfill the commitment to customers, support and protect the customer's project needs, which has won high praise from our customers.

Test 2: Resilience

Test the strain capacity -- Lean marketing, expand the territory. 

    During the epidemic, Long Taidi's business team insisted on maintaining and developing the market as its focus, and in line with the "customer-centric" marketization concept, it overcomes the disadvantages of project delays caused by the epidemic and the inability to conduct customer visits and market research. factor. Keeping up with the times, continuously improving the sales model, taking online visits and telephone communication to actively create opportunities to communicate with customers. Then grasp customer needs, dig information, stabilize customers, and grab orders.

    Good news came frequently in the first half of the year. Our company successfully contracted orders for more than 30 domestic key projects such as the Sino-Russian East Route Natural Gas Pipeline Project, the West Guangdong Natural Gas Main Pipeline Network Project, the Sichuan-East Gas Transmission Supporting Phase II Project, and international orders for Australia, the UAE, Brazil and so on. The amount has increased significantly over the same period last year, and the industry's influence has been further expanded.

    Outstanding results show customers' trust and recognition of Long taidi's products; Heavy achievements are the result of the concerted efforts and tenacious struggle of the business team, which is the true embodiment of no pains, no gains.

    We are able to guard against arrogance and impatience in front of our achievements, and become more frustrated and bravery in front of difficulties. Think calmly and make good use of opportunities, and innovate and create in the face of change. In the next step, Long Taidi will make persistent efforts to further promote lean marketing, sum up the good experience gained from the previous lean marketing, firmly establish brand awareness, make products into crafts, enhance industry reputation, and win the market and customers with high-quality products and services. 

Test 3: Organization

Test the ability of organization and coordination--Excellent management, improve the quality and efficiency. 

    Strengthen the ability of production organization and coordination, improve the level of lean production, obtain the benefit from management. The company's production department spares no effort to seize the time and progress, do everything possible to improve efficiency, and take on heavy responsibilities for the completion of the order task. After receiving the production task, combining with the actual production, according to the characteristics of the order products and the actual production, scientifically formulate the node plan, refine the specific start and end time, work content and standard of each process, and strengthen the cooperation between each process, improve the processing efficiency, to ensure that the production task is completed on schedule; Prepare for risk identification, make  formulate targeted solutions in advance for possible problems in production.

    Our company strengthen quality control, enhance responsibility. We will ensure every work well in safety production, process quality, increase effectiveness. We will keep a tight hold during production. Relevant personnel shall follow up and guide in the whole process, strictly implement the process requirements, supervise the product quality and production progress, solve the problems in the production at the earliest time, and ensure that the product quality meets the process requirements; Make the maintenance and monitor plan for the key equipment. Equipment personnel should follow up on-site to keep abreast of equipment dynamics to ensure normal operation and complete the production tasks with high quality. 

Test 4: Internal Motivation

Test the Core Competitiveness-Technological Enabling, Innovation and Development 

    We implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development, refined through internal work, accumulated potential, improved the core competitiveness of product, and created a new situation. Over the years, Long Taidi investment in R&D technology has continuously increased, and the proportion of R&D investment in operating income has continued to rise.

    Recognition of the market and blowout of technological achievements depend on the fertile soil of innovation that is constantly being planted. The comprehensive technical strength of Long Taidi is mainly reflected in research and development design, process optimization and scale production. The R & D center, sales team and production base around the future market and the layout of important customers provide a strong guarantee for the company's rapid and efficient service output, which not only stabilizes the company's industry leading advantage and position, but also provides a solid foundation for the company's sustainable and rapid development in the future. 

Test 5: Fighting strength 

Test the confidence to overcome difficulties -- The strong will always be strong, hard work comes first. 

    In these 180 hard working days and nights, fighting and breaking through again and again, ignited not only the bright welding flowers, but also the passion and fierce passion of Long Taidi  employees. It is by relying on every professional dedication to converge into a powerful force that Long Taidi can burst out a stronger fighting power under the current severe market situation. Effectively grasp and seize  the market, work quality, product quality and service quality are further improved. Realistic actions were exchanged for encouraging performance ,achieved  a breakthrough in adversity. 

    Big waves rushing through the sand,The strong will always be strong. In the future, Long Taidi will always take the ingenuity of casting quality products as its own responsibility to meet market demand, adhere to quality assurance, and provide customers with better quality, more comprehensive, and more cost-effective strength products and services.   

    Every crisis contains great opportunities for transformation. Good at actively responding to the crisis, and daring to change steadily in the face of difficulties, so that enterprises can turn "crisis" into "opportunity" and Start a new situation. Long Taidi adheres to goal guidance, adheres to problem orientation, accurately recognizes changes, scientifically responds, and actively seeks changes to overcome the disadverse effects of market fluctuations. To capture market information with a keen "smell", make a deep market development, and further consolidate market share. The first half of the year has passed, and the second half of the year has already begun. This is an important node for more than half of the time in 2020.let us use this as a coordinate, With the fighting spirit of advancing against difficulties and fighting to win , gathered the power of conscientiousness to build dreams to work hard. Continue to improve the profitability of the enterprise, work hard to complete the goals and tasks in July, start and make good progress for the production and operation of the second half of the year, and promote the company's high-quality development with more excellent results, write new wonderful and create new success.


    Firm faith and courageous advance

    Be an innovator in an era of change

    Be prudent and keep pace with the times

    Be a creator of continuous value

    Ingenuity and dedication

    Be the creator of excellent quality 


    2020year, wish you and I can get good news which come in succession., be scholar-tyrant and achieve succes.

    Acknowledgement to every customer who trusts and chooses us

    To pay tribute to every LongTaidi man who is striving for a common dream