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In the course of constructing the new pattern of regional development of "one nuclear zone, one belt and one district" in guangdong province, there are many great landmark projects. In order to realize the new mission of "four leading cities in China" and winning the blue sky battle, another super project has been launched. This is the yangjiang-jiangmen trunk line project of the main natural gas network in west guangdong, which is contracted from the LNG receiving station in guangxi and the peaking storage and storage storage project of yangjiang LNG to the pipeline network in guangdong, and connected with the main natural gas network of the first and second phases of guangdong to promote the construction of "one network in the whole province".

Known as the good culture of good mountains and waters, yangjiang, guangdong, is located in ten beautiful islands. Beautiful profusion of scenery often make visitors relaxed and happy, linger on. Jiangmen city, known as the capital of overseas Chinese, is connected with yangjiang river, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and is the urban center on the west bank of the pearl river delta. As such an important urban cluster in the pearl river delta, yangjiang and jiangmen naturally undertake the glorious task of providing stable and sufficient clean energy guarantee for the economic development of western guangdong.

The yangjiang-jiangmen trunk line project of the main natural gas pipeline network in west guangdong of guangdong province was initiated from this point. The project was officially approved on September 10, 2018, laying the foundation for the project to begin construction.

And as always will "advanced technology, first-class production equipment, excellent production line, excellent quality, ensure the stability and reliability of the product. Rely on the core technology, to create brand-name products, no matter how the world changes, excelsior dedication spirit remains the same "as enterprise spirit of cangzhou your di pipe technology co., LTD, is through their own good technology and market reputation has become the main natural gas network in west of guangdong yangjiang - jiangmen backbone project enterprises designated supply of roasted bend processing services.

Fully aware of our great responsibilities, we will spare no effort to fulfill our mission. At present, the project is under construction, and the supply is about to reach the final stage, which is expected to be completed in April. Longtai for yangjiang-jiangmen trunk line project to provide products have been highly recognized by customers!

Yangjiang-jiangmen trunk line project is an important part of guangdong provincial government's 2020 project to connect 21 prefecture-level cities to the natural gas pipeline, which is the company's "2021" project. It is reported that the total length of the project is about 170.3 kilometers, passing through yangjiang city and jiangmen city. The project will be approved by the provincial development and reform commission. The total investment of the project is about 3.037 billion yuan. In yangjiang city, there are 1 distribution station, 1 pigging station and 3 valve Chambers. This project in yangjiang city passes through shuangjie town in jiangcheng district, hongfeng town, tangping town, daba town and nalong town in yangdong district, with a total of 5 towns in 2 districts. The project is expected to be completed by 2020.

By the cangzhou your di pipe technology co., LTD. Is responsible for providing the roasted bend processing services of yangjiang - jiangmen project for natural gas in west of backbone project can undertake sinopec LNG project in guangxi, guangdong yangjiang electric group 'bay LNG project to the supply of natural gas in guangdong province, and guangdong pipe network, the second phase unicom, which can realize the goal of "the province a net".

After the project is completed and put into operation, it will realize the coverage of the oil and gas trunk pipeline network in western guangdong, vigorously promote the urban coal to gas project in western guangdong, meet the needs of comprehensively promoting natural gas in urban gas, industrial fuel, gas power generation, transportation fuel and other fields, and provide resource guarantee for accelerating the replacement of industrial fuel and transportation fuel.

Moreover, it can provide a stable and sufficient guarantee of clean natural gas energy for the economic development of western guangdong, promote the establishment of a new regional development pattern of "one nuclear zone, one belt and one region", enhance the safety of natural gas supply and peak regulation capacity of the whole province, and make contributions to guangdong winning the battle of blue sky protection and realizing the "four leading cities in China".