Longtaidi independently develops and produces X80 high-grade large wall thickness hot bend, and high-quality supply guarantee project construction


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New gas sources will be added to the supply this winter! In the northeast of China, the first natural gas import channel was officially opened, and the Northeast energy channel construction w

as further improved. On the morning of October 16, a pipeline construction site in the northwest 35 kilometers away from Songyuan City, Jilin Province, was splashed. At 9:56 a.m., with the successful completion of the last welding joint, the Heihe Changling section (North Section) of the China Russia east line natural gas pipeline project was fully connected, and the first natural gas import channel in the east-north direction of China was officially opened, marking that the project was in full production. It was December 1. Japan officially accepted Russian gas and laid a solid foundation.

China Russia east line is a strategic and significant project decided and constructed by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It is an important part of China's four major energy transport channels and the largest natural gas longaidi pipeline project in the world. In May 2014, under the testimony of President Xi Jinping and President Putin, CNPC and Gazprom signed the Sino Russian East gas supply and marketing contract. From December 1, 2019, Russia began to supply gas to China through the east line of China Russia natural gas pipeline. In the first phase, the gas supply is 5 billion cubic meters per year. Since then, the gas supply has increased year by year, and finally reached 38 billion cubic meters per year, equivalent to 14% of China's annual gas consumption in 2018, accounting for about 28% of China's total imported natural gas. The cumulative contract period is 30 years, and the total contracted gas supply is more than 1 trillion cubic meters. After preliminary preparation and two trial sections, the construction of the project was accelerated in an all-round way on December 13, 2017.

It is understood that the China Russia east line project starts from Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province and ends in Shanghai, with a total length of 5111km. The gas source comes from kevikin gas field, chayangjin and other gas fields in the Far East of Russia. Russian gas is expected to enter Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, through Russia's "Siberian power" pipeline on December 1. In the first gas supply year, 5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas will be introduced. Northeast China and Beijing Tianjin Hebei region will be the direct beneficiaries.

At the same time, the pipeline has realized interconnection with the natural gas pipelines in service such as Harbin Shenyang and Qinshen. In addition to increasing the gas supply in the above areas, the regional gas consumption structure has been further optimized to form multiple supply channels, which is of great significance for enhancing China's winter natural gas supply capacity and winning the blue sky defense war. China Russia east line is the first natural gas import pipeline of China's "four major oil and gas energy channels" and the Northeast channel. It is a green environmental protection project in China, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 142 million tons and sulfur dioxide emissions by 1.82 million tons every year. It will optimize China's energy consumption structure, improve and alleviate the current situation of air pollution along the line.

China Russia east line is the first longtaidi natural gas transmission pipeline project with world-class level, which adopts large caliber, high steel grade and high pressure at the same time. It is also a representative project for China to speed up the localization of technology and equipment. 1422 mm super large diameter, X80 high steel grade, 12 MPa High pressure grade, these difficult engineering data indicate that China's pipeline construction level is moving forward to the world-class level. The promotion of this project will not only play an active role in promoting the development of China's basic industries such as steel smelting, pipe manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, etc., but also vigorously promote the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of natural gas pipelines.

The innovative technology of large diameter, high steel grade and large wall thickness adopted in the whole line of the project puts forward higher technical requirements for domestic pipe manufacturing enterprises. In addition to the three equipment manufacturing enterprises under CNPC, only two private enterprises in China own this technology. Longtaidi pipeline is one of the top production enterprises with this kind of technology which is close to and surpasses the international advanced level.

Since there were no samples available for reference at home and abroad, almost all of them had to be explored from scratch. For each inch of pipe diameter, the corresponding process flow will be changed. 1422 pipe diameter is fully used in the north section of the East China Russia line, which is unprecedented in process difficulty. Longtaidi has set up a special scientific research project team for this purpose, set up a special research project of d1422 ib-555 / X80 induction heating elbow and tee for the East China Russia line, carried out the research and development of large thick wall X80 elbow and tee for the East China Russia line project, and studied the key technologies of elbow pipe fittings for low temperature environment (- 45 ℃). This project is mainly aimed at the construction demand of low-temperature station in winter, and technical research and development are carried out for the metallurgical composition design, hot processing technology, quality and performance control of X80 steel grade, 1422 mm diameter low-temperature seamless tee pipe and hot bend.

Longtaidi pipeline is determined to overcome difficulties, and finally successfully trial produced x80od1422x30.8mm and x80od1422x33.8mm large wall thickness hot bends. The experiment shows that the new product of X80 large-diameter low-temperature hot bend has excellent impact toughness under the low temperature environment of - 45 ℃, and its performance meets the requirements of relevant technical standards. It has passed the third-party inspection and evaluation of China petroleum pipe engineering and Technology Research Institute, passed the expert acceptance and user identification, and stood out in the fierce competition, and obtained the China Russia east line Tian. However, the supply qualification of natural gas pipeline project (Heihe Changling section) is willing to offer two packages of X80 high-grade and large wall thickness elbow orders, providing strong support for the world's largest onshore energy channel.

In this project, in order to better serve the on-site construction efficiency and welding quality and create excellent construction accuracy conditions for users, longtaidi company attaches great importance to the research and application of improvement technology in the production of elbow thermoforming, welding technology and heat treatment, so as to ensure the first large-scale application of automatic welding technology in the East China Russia line project and improve the pipe fittings in the low-temperature station. Safety performance of. The company's production and supply of hot bends, product appearance size, organizational performance and other indicators are superior to the relevant standards and requirements of pipes used in the low-temperature station of the East China Railway, and have been unanimously recognized by the owners of both China and Russia, with ultra-high quality products to accelerate the construction of the East China Railway.

This remarkable project not only laid a solid foundation for the long Tadi company to undertake other major projects in the future, but also further stabilized the position of the plumbing equipment manufacturer of Lontedi pipeline service. Longtaidi pipeline is as always adhering to the spirit of innovation and craftsmanship, constantly improving the strength of the enterprise, continuously innovating and developing with high quality, and striving to become a "first-class pipeline equipment manufacturer" as the enterprise vision to overcome difficulties and forge ahead, and then make further efforts and create brilliance!