Congratulations on the Mid-Autumn Festival, a total success | Longtaidi wishes you a prosperous career, Kuofu Kangtai, happy Mid-Autumn Festival, happy and complete!


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It's also the Mid-Autumn Festival, which coincides with a good time on earth. Naturally, the festival is full of care for every lovely and respectable colleague who struggles in the Longtaidi family. On this day, the wind is fresh and fruitful; at this moment, smiling and affectionate. Under the arrangement of the company's leadership, on September 11, the office, adhering to the consistent tradition, distributed the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to all employees in advance on behalf of the company, and extended holiday greetings and heartfelt wishes to all employees.

On September 10th, the company canteen was crowded and lively. Food such as rice, cooking oil, fragrant oil and fresh shrimp were piled up for all employees. The staff were in a neat line and orderly receiving their welfare. The whole distribution site was filled with a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Every Longtaidi's face is filled with joy. Heavy gifts are held in their hands and warmed in their hearts. The distribution site is filled with a happy and harmonious atmosphere of festivity. Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is still a few days away, the company specially advanced the welfare payment, hoping that Longtaidi's life and work can be as successful as the Mid-Autumn Festival's full moon, bring reunion home. Everyone is happy to receive benefits at the same time, have expressed that the joy is the mood, loaded into the heart of the responsibility, sincerely thank the company for the care of employees.

I believe that in the coming days, with this strong care, all staff can continue to strive and make greater efforts, in their respective posts with a more diligent and dedicated attitude, rigorous and solid style and enthusiastic energy to refuel for themselves, to refuel for Lutedi, to build a glorious future for Lutedi!

The welfare has been unanimously praised by everyone, and the company leaders also said that in the future, they will continue to adhere to the people-oriented management concept, respect employees, care for employees, put employees in the first place, constantly improve employees'sense of identity and belonging to the company, and use corporate culture to enhance employees' cohesion, execution and creativity. 。 I hope that you will feel the warmth of the company's family and continue to carry forward the spirit of hard struggle, tenacious struggle and the pursuit of excellence in future work, to add momentum to promote the development of enterprises, and to work together to help Lundeidi Pipeline to achieve excellence!

Longtaidi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. greets Longtaidi people and their families who have been working hard all the time. Thank you for your support and dedication to Longtaidi. I would like to extend my sincere respect and good wishes to the Longtaidi who are still at their posts and fighting on the front line during the Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish all families a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, happy and happy, all the best! The company is proud to have you!

We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all the Longtaidi, the future of the Longtaidi pipeline will be better and more brilliant! May the Mid-Autumn Festival be happy and happy for all employees! I wish all the friends from all walks of life who have been paying close attention to and supporting our development: Happy Festival and family reunion!

Thank you all the way, you and I work together to write an unprecedented magnificent chapter! Wish you a prosperous career, a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family!