Longtaidi Pipeline is listed in the Top 100 Private Enterprises List of Hebei Province in 2019.


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Longtaidi Pipeline Science and Technology ranked the latest "Top 100 Private Enterprises" released by Hebei Federation of Industry and Commerce in 2019, ranking 70th, ranking first in the pipeline fittings category. Listed in the Top 100 list is the recognition of the achievements and strength of Longtaidi Pipeline in the past. It highlights the company's comprehensive strength, regional driving force and brand influence, and confirms the role and status of Longtaidi Pipeline in private enterprises in the province. On August 28, according to the arrangement of Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, the Hebei Federation of Industry and Commerce carried out a survey and ranking of the top 100 private enterprises in the year of 2018 on the basis of the "Measures for the Recognition of the Top 100 Private Enterprises in Hebei Province" and the principle of voluntary participation of private enterprises. The main economic indicators of the year 2018 have finally determined the list of the top 100 private enterprises in Hebei Province in 2019.

The annual list of the top 100 private enterprises in Hebei has always been an important window to observe the trend of economic development and private economy in Hebei. In the complex external economic environment, this exciting list is full of inspiration: the strength of manufacturing industry is gradually restored, and the new economy has set sail.

As a piping equipment manufacturing industry leader, Longtaidi Pipeline is one of the new faces appearing in this year's list, is the only professional enterprise engaged in piping parts development, production and sales business as one. This honor is very precious to Longtaidi, which represents that Longtaidi pipeline science and technology has entered a new milestone and a new historical position after a long-term efforts.

Up to now, Longtaidi Pipeline Company has gone through 20 years. In the course of the grand development of the cross-century, Longtaidi Pipeline adheres to the core concept of "sincere, sincere and striving for excellence", with firm and tenacious spirit and perseverance, pursues excellence in quality and strives for first-class enterprise, engraving a painstaking picture. With the support of the favorable policies of the state and Hebei Province, the company has continuously grown and developed, and achieved a breakthrough from quantitative change to qualitative change. With the new century, the company has opened up a new situation and written a new chapter.

Years of development are precious. The company creates brand by quality, promotes development by innovation, closely grasps market development trend, extensively develops foreign cooperation, actively carries out external exchanges, constantly strengthens internal reform of enterprises, establishes and improves talent absorption mechanism, pays attention to cultivating enterprise culture, and dares to assume social responsibility. The initial stage of increasing investment and consolidating foundation is moving towards a large-scale and leapfrogging development stage, which will make the company a brilliant road to sustainable development. Watered with diligence and sweat the brilliant flower of dreams!

Longtaidi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1990s. It is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of bimetallic composite pipes, pipe fittings and pipe fittings. Its headquarters is located in Cangzhou Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province, and it is located in the economic circle of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative Development. The company has registered capital of 100.6 billion yuan, covering an area of 233,000 square meters, and now has more than 420 employees. There are offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xinjiang and Dubai.

Lundeidi Pipeline specializes in piping equipment, new products, new materials, new technologies, industrial intelligence series integration, manufacturing and international trade. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, there are 11 series and more than 50 varieties of pipeline equipment and its supporting products. Its leading products are bimetal metallurgical composite pipe, bimetal mechanical composite pipe, bimetal pipe fittings, automatic and intelligent piping integration, which is well-known worldwide and internationally.

Longtaidi pipeline business covers the production of high-quality pipeline fittings in the fields of oil and gas, hydropower, energy and infrastructure construction. It is a designated supplier of pipeline fittings for major energy enterprise groups under the jurisdiction of SASASAC. It undertakes a number of national "13th Five-Year Plan" large-scale energy project product supply and technical support. It is Sinopec and Sinopec. PetroChina and CNOOC are the first-class suppliers of the three major oil companies. They are excellent suppliers of the five major power groups, namely, National Energy Group, CNPC, China Coal, Sinochem, Huaneng and Huadian. Their products are sold in 53 countries and regions all over the world, and they are praised and praised by users unanimously.

Longtaidi Pipeline strives to achieve a large-scale leap-forward development, with its aim of "sincere and sincere, striving for excellence" and the direction of "enterprise strives for first-class, quality pursuit of excellence". Its comprehensive strength is constantly growing and its production capacity is significantly enhanced. At present, the company has five production rooms, a plant area of 136,000 square meters, fixed assets of 260 million yuan, first-class production equipment and testing equipment. It has many automatic production lines, such as bimetal mechanical composite steel pipe, bimetal metallurgical composite steel pipe, bimetal composite pipe fittings, intelligent elbow pipe fittings, pipe fittings and piping integration, 317 sets of heavy hydraulic press, intermediate frequency induction push production equipment, 107 sets of research and development testing equipment, and produces 80,000 tons of bimetal composite pipe and pipe fittings annually. Productivity.

Longtaidi Pipeline has the capacity of integration of production, research and marketing, adheres to the strategy of invigorating enterprises by science and technology, attaches great importance to the development and application of scientific and technological progress and new technologies and new products, and has an independent technology research and development department with a total number of 68 people, 43 patents and 27 research and development projects to realize the transformation of achievements. It is a high-tech enterprise in Hebei Province. Hebei Industrial Enterprises, Industrial Technology Research and Development Center, Hebei Enterprise Technology Center. Its products have won the Hebei well-known brand certificate, Hebei Province Science and Technology Achievement Certificate, Science and Technology Progress Award and other awards.

The company pays attention to the combination and deepening of production, learning and research. Over the years, it has established a long-term, professional and fixed joint development relationship with Hebei University of Technology, Yanshan University, Xiangtan University and PetroChina Xi'an Pipe Engineering and Technology Research Institute. Through cooperation between schools and enterprises, it provides technical support, exercises and trains people. Only in this way can we increase the added value of our products. The company has complete qualifications and certification, including: special equipment manufacturing license for pressure pipeline components, pressure vessel manufacturing license, API-5LD manufacturing license for composite steel pipes, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 three-system management system certification, API-Q1 quality system certification, ASME-U/PP certification and CCS, LR, B certification. V, ABS classification society certification, EU PED product certification, Russian GOST product certification. Having been recognized as a strategic emerging industry in Hebei Province, the comprehensive strength of processing and manufacturing and product quality rank among the leading industries, leading the world and leading the world.

The title of provincial top 100 private enterprises reflects not only the honor of enterprises, but also the contribution of enterprises to society. In recent years, Longtaidi Pipeline has insisted on using strategic thinking system to plan enterprise development, actively explored and acted bravely in many aspects such as operation scale, management mode and diversified development of industry, actively fulfilled its social responsibility, and made due contributions to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of regional economy. This time, Longtaidi ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in the province, fully demonstrating the recognition of the society for the high-quality development of Longtaidi Company.

In the future, Longtaidi Pipeline will "never forget its original intention and remember its mission", actively lead the transformation and upgrading of Cangzhou Pipeline Fittings Manufacturing Industry with the social responsibility of private enterprises, and strive to become the most dynamic, potential and creative force in the province's economic development, and contribute to the growth of Hebei's private economy.

We will continue to adhere to the spirit of perseverance in innovation, excellence in the spirit of craftsmen and the spirit of never giving up the struggle of Longtaidi, raise the strength of the enterprise, continue to innovate and develop with high quality, and continue to advance towards the enterprise vision of "becoming a first-class manufacturer of pipeline equipment", and then continue to do so. Li, create brilliance again!