Longtaidi pipeline quality supply 20 million tons of modern oil field-Hafaya Oilfield, Iraq


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Earlier this year, Lundeidi Pipeline successfully signed a material supply contract for the Iraqi Hafaya Oilfield, and has now completed all supplies. The signing of the project provides strong material support for the efficient development of energy resources in Haifa oilfield, providing a continuous support for the construction of "one belt and one road" and the revitalization and development of the local petroleum economy, and also provides strong support for the subsequent participation of the long tidi pipeline in the construction of international projects.

Iraq is rich in oil and gas resources. It is an important country in the strategic layout of "one belt and one road". It is the first country to carry out energy cooperation between China and PetroChina in the Middle East.

As one of the largest oilfields in southern Iraq, the Hafaya Oilfield Project is the largest overseas project of PetroChina with single unit operation so far. The oilfield is headed by PetroChina, a consortium of companies including Daudal Exploration and Production Iraq, Malaysian Petroleum Corporation and Southern Iraqi Petroleum Corporation, which are involved in production management. The oil field covers an area of 239 square kilometers and has recoverable reserves of about 4.1 billion barrels. According to the project plan, the annual output of the joint operation led by PetroChina has been increased to 27 million tons. The Hafaya project has created many first places, and the Iraqi oil industry is amazed by the speed of China.

China Petroleum Hafaya Phase III Project is a key project of CNPC and CPECC, the general contractor, with a contract value of US$820 million. The production capacity of Hafaya Oilfield is expected to reach 20 million barrels, which will bring huge income to the Iraqi government and people.

After months of hard work, Luntaidi Pipeline has successfully won the bid for Hafaya Oilfield Material Supply Project by virtue of its product strength and cooperation experience in major projects over the years, as well as its fast, efficient and active work style, which has always been customer-centered. The Hafaya Material Project was signed to supply A234 Gr. WPB, A105N and other material pipe fittings.

As a safe, high-quality and high-efficiency top-quality project of CNPC and overseas benchmarking project, Hafaya Phase III project has high standards and strict requirements in design, construction, quality and safety, as well as harsh natural conditions such as high temperature and climate in Hafaya. Longteidi Pipeline Company deeply practices the working concept of "all for customer satisfaction" and actively organizes and follows up the whole production process. Planning and arranging in advance from the aspects of raw materials, production and shipment, and earnestly listening to user feedback, strengthening process control to ensure that the product indicators are good and fully meet the technical requirements.

During the production and supply that lasted for several months, Lundeidi always proceeded from the needs of users, followed the needs of contracts, arranged production rationally, strictly enforced standards, focused on controlling the processing quality of key processes, paid close attention to the changes of production data, ensured the processing quality of key processes such as welding and anticorrosion, strictly controlled the generation of non-technological defects, and avoided the causes of pipe parts in the production process. Surface scratches are caused by improper operation, and quality assurance of internal and external appearance quality and logistics transportation process is strengthened. Measures are taken in packaging and transportation process to avoid damage to the appearance of pipes and ensure that the processing quality and production efficiency of pipes supplied for the project are effectively guaranteed.

With the cooperation of various departments, the quality, quantity and delivery date of Lundeidi pipeline have been guaranteed, and all the piping parts of Hafaya Phase III project have been supplied with high standard, which has been highly recognized by users. It is of great significance to help Hafaya build 20 million tons of modern large oil field project and lay a solid foundation for the development of Lundeidi pipeline in Iraq and the Middle East market.

The good cooperation of many years'orders not only provides a source of power for the development of Longteidi pipeline, but also wins the recognition of many large oil and gas enterprises and well-known enterprises in the fields of energy, chemical industry and electric power, laying a solid foundation for enhancing the brand recognition of Longteidi. In recent years, Longteidi has increased its R&D investment and improved its ability of independent innovation. At present, Lundeidi's pipeline supply share has risen sharply, becoming a designated supplier of pipeline fittings for major energy enterprise groups under the jurisdiction of SASASAC. The sales of Lundeidi's products have achieved significant breakthroughs in major projects at home and abroad. Lundeidi's products are shining brightly among customers at home and abroad.

The most important reason why Longteidi Pipeline is recognized and praised by customers is integrity. Since its inception, Longteidi Pipeline has always been based on the principle of "honesty, quality first". It wins the market with honesty service, repays customers with brand service quality, strictly carries out contracts, always puts the interests of customers in the first place, and achieves "honesty and win-win", so it has been highly recognized and praised by the vast number of customers.

In recent years, Longteidi pipeline strategy has become clearer, business areas have been further focused, resource allocation, team capacity development is more reasonable and effective. On this basis, the effectiveness of market development has gradually emerged, cultivating a large number of high-quality customers and project opportunities. As a well-known domestic pipeline equipment manufacturer, Longteidi Pipeline will continue to cultivate the domestic market, steadily promote the "big overseas" strategy, constantly enhance the image and efficiency of China's pipeline equipment manufacturer in international competition, produce more fruitful results, and continue to create maximum value for customers.